Sweet Beat: Ulker Tempo Vanilla Biscuits (Product of Romania)

Tempo Vanilla

Tempo Vanilla

The origin of the name Oreo is unclear, but some say it’s from Greek, meaning beautiful or well done. Other than that exception most U.S cookies evoke a personality (Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos, Fig Newtons), animals (Teddy Grahams), or are to the point (Chips Ahoy, Pecan Sandies). With that context in mind, the name Tempo cookies seems odd. Should I eat them at a steady rhythm? Do these cookies actually help me to stay in shape?

Tempo Vanilla

Tempo Vanilla

A product of Romania, these Tempo cookies looked a little worse for wear. The color of the cream bordered on yellow which didn’t seem like a good sign. Luckily, they’re pretty tasty. Like many non-American cookies, it’s more heavy on the biscuits than the cream. These have a nice balance between the creamy texture and cookie crunch. They came ten to a packet and cost $0.69 at Middle Eastern store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I’d definitely get these again.


2 comments on “Sweet Beat: Ulker Tempo Vanilla Biscuits (Product of Romania)

  1. the chocolate ones are much better 🙂

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