Street Festival Foods: Deep Fried Oreos

Deep Fried Good Times

Deep Fried Good Times

While the U.S  isn’t the only country that loves deep fried treats (I’m looking at you Scotland), deep fried Oreos are very American. In the Northeast they’re almost as ubiquitous at street festivals as zeppoles, funnel cakes and sausage and peppers.

Gooey goodness. Please reserve your judgement.

Gooey goodness. Please reserve your judgement.

These golden brown treats were 6 for $5 down at the Memorial Weekend festival at Bradley Beach on the Jersey Shore. The soft, chewy texture provides a wonderful contrast to the inevitably gooey oreo inside. I need to eat them roughly once a year. What are your go to festival foods? What are the highlights of your area’s street festivals / state fairs? 


6 comments on “Street Festival Foods: Deep Fried Oreos

  1. I’m going with Mexico on this one — great street food. Churros, anyone? Slices of mango with salt and hot pepper? Or how about marquesitas yucatecas… I mean, who can resist a sweet crunchy-thin crepe sprinkled with grated gouda cheese, then rolled up into a cylinder of culinary strangeness?

  2. I love cheese curds! They are a must-get at any fair I go to.

  3. That deep-fried Oreo looks unbelievable…oh, yum!! I’m kind of a health nut but I can go for this kind of thing every now and then.

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