Unrequited Love Now Requited: Domty Creamy Cheese (Egypt)



Oh happy day! Awhile back I wrote about an unrequited love for Britannia and Amul cheese spreadz. While those products still aren’t available in the U.S, I’ve discovered one that is just as good. And such panache! Described on the package as “Creamy Cream Cheese Spread” there is no mistaking the confidence. After all if they weren’t confident, would you sell it in a package perfectly shaped for the cup holders of most cars? For when you need spreadable cheese on the go?

The spread is amazing on rye and white bread with a little pepper on top. It lives up to the expected creaminess. The cheddar flavor provides a moderate sourness. This product was purchased at a Middle Eastern store in my area called Fertile Crescent located at 570 Atlantic Avenue ($2.50). While I’ll always carry a torch for Amul and Britannia Domty is working out great right now.



2 comments on “Unrequited Love Now Requited: Domty Creamy Cheese (Egypt)

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  2. […] a fan of spreadable cheeses, making a point to seek them out whenever visiting an ethnic neighborhood or store. But my streak […]

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