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Garvi Gujarat: Taro Leaves Roll Review (Gluten Free, Vegan)

Taro Leaves Roll

Taro Leaves Roll

I’d never seen a taro leaf based snack at an Indian grocery before. When opening the package, the aroma of chili powder and amchur (dried mango) stings the nostrils. Inside the “rolls” were actually larger than expected (probably the diameter of a golf ball). The dried taro leaves are covered in gram (chickpea) flour and then fried to golden brown. They’re rolled tightly and make a neat patten (pictured below)

Despite a deep fry the product isn’t oily, though it is very, very crunchy. The amchur flavor is very enjoyable but the spice that hits at the end of the bite might be too much for some people. Having never tried taro before I couldn’t figure out where the taro ended and the flour/spices began. Normally I really enjoy products from Garvi Gujarat, but probably will not be buying this again. Purchased: Patel Brothers Price: $2.49. No gluten listed in the ingredients.

Taro Leaves Roll

Taro Leaves Roll


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