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I Ate It All Post-Run: Brighton Beach

Please accept my apologies for the bad photos. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn is called Brighton Beach. Just east of Coney Island, it’s home to many immigrants of Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, and Uzbek descent among other countries. In that area I discovered many savories and sweets that came to be all time favorites.

With these foods on the brain, I left to do my longest run to date, 7 miles from Park Slope to Brighton Beach. Setting off in the late afternoon, an ample amount of shade was already available. The run took me primarily along Coney Island Avenue, the first portion of which runs parallel with the greenery of Prospect Park.

The next leg I ran by a large number of Pakistani and Afghan businesses including halal delis, Chinese, Indo-Chinese and the occasional hookah place. A few miles in, maybe Avenue I or so I hit a heavily Hasidic Jewish area. Along this route I saw a whole range of kosher restaurants including Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Eastern European.

On the home stretch near the Belt Parkway fatigue began, but then a miraculous thing appeared: a sign for Brighton Beach! Leaving home hungry was foolish but the rewards were in sight! In the early evening Brighton Beach Avenue was bustling, but the sun had faded and the breeze was constant. I have a few items that are must buys when visiting the area, plov – a rice based dish usually made with carrots and lamb (or chicken), borodinsky bread – an amazing hearty bread made with coriander seeds and a few Eastern European chocolates from Nature’s Delight. This time I went a little overboard buying all the aforementioned along with a danish and a poppy seed bun. Everything I bought came to less than $20!

I caught the F train near Coney Island back to my neighborhood with my backpack full of tasty stuff and a sense of accomplishment. At 8pm after a quick shower it was time to eat. The pastries were for the morning but being so hungry I ate everything (except the chocolates) while watching Game 7 of the NBA Final. It was a good day.




One comment on “I Ate It All Post-Run: Brighton Beach

  1. […] product of Finland, Valio Viola cheese spread was another pick up during my recent run to Brighton Beach. The cheese is much thinner than say, Philly cream cheese. The flavor is mild, […]

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