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Fresh Fruit Parade: Apricots

Bananas, apples, grapes, blueberries. Those are the type of fruits to buy fresh at the market. Apricots rarely make that list because I think of them as a dry fruit best with couscous or trail mix. This time I made an exception.

A brilliant shade of orange, they look and feel like a happy fruit. (I apologize if it makes me sound like a hippy). They have a light fuzz on the outside like peaches. Except for the pit inside, it’s all edible including the skin. The texture is a little denser and grainier than a peach but with a nice balance of tart to sweet. Nutritional benefits include fiber, potassium, vitamin a and vitamin c. They’re in season from May to August.

There is a Buddhist up the block with a giant apricot tree currently in bloom facing the street. With any luck I hope to try that fresh fruit too. Updates soon.


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