Valio Viola Cheese Spread (Product of Finland)

Valio Viola Cream Cheese Spread with Borodinsky

Valio Viola Cream Cheese Spread with Borodinsky


A product of Finland, Valio Viola cheese spread was another pick up during my recent run to Brighton Beach. The cheese is much thinner than say, Philly cream cheese. The flavor is mild, pleasant and just the perfect amount of tartness. It reminds me of a less rich version of Laughing Cow cheese. I can confirm that it goes perfect on rye and pumpernickel. This was purchased at Taste of Russia for $2.79 (219 Brighton Beach Avenue.)



6 comments on “Valio Viola Cheese Spread (Product of Finland)

  1. We used to buy back home (Ukraine) – no wonder Russian stores carry it.

  2. Is there anything that is close to it, but more widely available in the US (DC Metro area…)?

    • Hi Rubin – sorry for the late response here. I’ve reached out to Valio to see if they have distribution in the DC area. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t available in a cosmopolitan place like that. When I hear back I’ll email you. Cheers and thanks for the question.

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