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Reviews: Gratify Gluten Free Sea Salt Pretzels

Other than the excellent Glutino brand, I’ve never seen another GF pretzel before. These Gratify Gluten Free pretzels were picked up at MetFood for $2.99 on sale.

Source: Amazon

The packaging is fantastic. The lovely blue makes you think velvet or at least something decadent.

They taste nearly as crunchy as regular pretzels. Plus they’re mini which is almost always fun. Dipped in Alton Brown cookie dough and peanut butter they’re excellent and recommended. The next thing I’ll try is crumbling these up in ice cream. Other flavors  include sesame, yogurt covered, and chocolate covered. Gratify, if you’re listening feel free to send a crate of those and we’ll be happy to review. :>

I’ve already bought a backup bag.  They don’t have a store locator just yet, but if you can’t find them nearby, here is their Amazon link.


One comment on “Reviews: Gratify Gluten Free Sea Salt Pretzels

  1. […] really enjoy Gratify brand’s GF pretzels because they taste exactly as a pretzel should taste. The small grocery store just down the block […]

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