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Paranormal Witness: Help My Carbonara Is Haunted!

Fall will officially be here in a matter of days. That means it’s time to break out the scary TV shows and movies. My girlfriend just introduced me to a show on the SyFy network called “Paranormal Witness.” It’s one of those which features first person accounts of hauntings along with re-enactments.

Full disclosure: Several years ago I had a period of watching paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters. After a little while though the shows lost their charm because they often found nothing or the investigators would jump at the littlest thing. (Maybe the show was a little too honest.)

The episode of Paranormal Witness we watched was called “Dining with the Dead.” It was about a newly opened up restaurant Italian restaurant in El Paso, TX called “Montleone’s.” Without giving much a way, a Virgin Mary is discovered in the wall, and was then moved? When is that ever a good idea? A secret room is discovered and the contents are moved? Once again, why would you do this? No single entity is identified per se but several see an undead looking man in the walk in freezer and bathroom. Every member of the staff ends up having a paranormal experience. Of course none of this happens in the dining area.

The owners were faced with a dilemma. Do they leave because of fear? They pumped lots of their own money into the venture. Apparently the ghosts are under control these days, so you need not worry about someone breathing heavily in your ear while enjoying a chicken parm. Have you tried out this restaurant? How was the experience? I just hope they haven’t turned the whole ghost experience into a gimmick. For example: Scary sounds playing in the bathroom.


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