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Snack Reviews: Maniar’s Wheat Crisps (Ginger Chili Coriander Khakhra)

Maniar's Wheat Crisps

Maniar’s Wheat Crisps

Khakhra are a crisp/cracker originating from the state of Gujarat, India. Generally they are made with wheat and various spices. Sometimes other flours are incorporated such as black millet (bajri). They’re often eaten as a snack or for breakfast. The dough is created, flattened and then slow roasted.

Most khakra are circular so the Maniar’s packaging was eye-catching for it’s unusual long and rounded edges. It is delightfully labeled as Grab and Go – Handy Pack. In other words, don’t leave home without it. It also states that it’s baked, not fried, whole wheat and low fat. It’s also worth noting that they are vegan/vegetarian.

Vacuum-sealed because they care.

Vacuum-sealed because they care.

Crispy Goodness

Crispy Goodness

These were picked up at Patel Brother’s in Atlanta for $0.33!  Inside, the package was vacuum sealed, presumably because they care. Tasted alone, the wheat flavor is strong, and the crunch moderate. A moment later, the chili and ginger come through in a pleasant way. They’re nice paired with tea but I found them most enjoyable eaten with salsa. (In India, they’re commonly eaten with pickle or chutney). It also works well with dal. Since the packs were 3/$1, I also picked up chocolate and lemon & spicy! (To be eaten later). I’ll definitely get this brand again but will make sure to have a relish of some type to go with it.

If you can’t find this type of food in your area here is a link to a recipe from Tarla Dalal to make at home.


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