Food Waste: Third Largest Source of Greenhouse Gases According to U.N

 Behind Chinese and U.S industry, food waste is the 3rd largest source of carbon dioxide emissions. Based on a study by the U.N Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tons of food per year is trashed leading to 3.3 billion tons of CO2 emissions. The “Food Wastage Footprint” report is the first to analyze the impact of uneaten food in a global context.

In the industrialized nations most of the blame for food ending up as garbage lies with consumers buying more than they actually need, while in the developing world it’s mostly lame agricultural techniques which result in the harvest not reaching the people.

Overall, 54 percent of total wastage is at the pre-processing stage, with potential food being lost during post-harvest handling and storage.  The remaining 46 percent is lost during processing, distribution or consumption.

The report concludes that reducing food waste would help to preserve natural resources and lower the 60% food production increase that is demanded for 2050 population projections. Source: Reuters


5 comments on “Food Waste: Third Largest Source of Greenhouse Gases According to U.N

  1. Wow … this is really interesting. It’s crazy that we have such a large food wastage which is bad for our planet and yet there are people who are malnourished because they do not have enough to eat.

  2. Great blog. It is mind boggling to think of how much waste food or other wise occurs in this country. I find myself becoming more aware of how much food I
    waste and have even started shopping daily for what i need. It is hard not to waste. I am working on it.

    • Thanks for the nice comment Cherry2Cherry. I know what you mean about wastage. I’m trying to work on decreasing the food I throw out too. In addition to environmental reasons, using everything you buy stretches your food budget further. Thanks for stopping by the site!

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