Pomegranate and Walnut Tofu (Fesenjen)

Tofu Fesenjan (Pomegrante and Walnut Stew)

Tofu Fesenjan (Pomegrante and Walnut Stew)

Back in June I posted about fesenjan, a tangy Persian pomegranate and walnut dish from Louisa Shafia’s book New Persian Kitchen. Normally made with chicken (or lamb) here is a  vegan version. The recipe is similar to the meat one, but it cooks the flavor right into the protein so it’s more like a pomegranate and walnut flavored tofu. Note that if you cannot find pomegranate molasses in your area, here a link to making your own.

Servings: 3
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
1 lb (16oz) Extra Firm Tofu
½ onion chopped into strips
½ cup walnuts, crushed into powder
¼ cup pomegranate molasses

Squeeze out as much water as possible from the tofu while maintaining the shape. A way to do this is to place the tofu between 2 plates. Then chop tofu into cubes (sized to your liking). Next place tofu and onions into a pan. Turn the pan on to medium heat. Cook for 5-7 minutes, making sure the tofu browns a little on each side. Now stir in walnuts and molasses. Mix in well. Cook for another 5 minutes. If the tang from the molasses is too strong, add a little water to thin it out.

3 comments on “Pomegranate and Walnut Tofu (Fesenjen)

  1. I’ve never had a pomegrante/walnut flavor combination although I do own some persian cookbooks. I’m intrigued but skittish!

    • Haha I can understand. The flavor by itself can be quite strong. If you mix it with a protein or a grain like rice, it moderates and becomes pleasant. Definitely check it out but don’t judge the strong flavor without mixing it with something.

  2. […] a walnut and pomegranate stew. with chicken. Here is the vegan, gluten free version made with tofu. Who are you going for in this […]

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