Chinese Style Eggplant Recipe Via Serious Eats

Chinese Eggplant Recipe

Chinese Eggplant Recipe

Other than stir-fries, I don’t make much Chinese food at homes. With recipes like this one from Serious Eats, it feels much more accessible. This is the best Chinese-style eggplant recipe you’ll see today. Tamari, cooking wine, honey, chili and vinegar all do their part to give it a rich taste. Since we didn’t have rice wine on hand we used cooking wine instead, skipped the grilling and diced the eggplant nice and small. The dish works as a great contrast to the nuttiness of brown rice.  Alongside the eggplant we had green beans and tofu. What are some of your favorite Chinese dishes to make at home?

Note: For those with restrictions, this recipe is already vegan and substituting tamari for soy makes it gluten free.


2 comments on “Chinese Style Eggplant Recipe Via Serious Eats

  1. We make Chinese food fairly frequently. Lots are stir fries, of course, and mostly we make chicken, but there is a delicious one made with sliced flank steak and oyster sauce and scallions that the whole family loves. Many of our favourites come from an ancient cookbook we found on Imperial Chinese cooking from the time of the emperors. Stewed chicken is easy, healthy and delicious. But we actually eat more Thai and Indian food than Chinese, both cuisines well worth exploring

    • Thanks for the comments Kelly. The flank stank recipe sounds great. I love old cookbooks. My mom had a really funny one written by “Mary Poppins.” Thai food is arguably the best cuisine ever!

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