Welcome to Chili’s: Please Look At the Screen

Chili’s plans to install tablet style computers at most of their locations. The casual dining chain says the devices, which allow guests to order and pay online, saw an up tick of overall sales than those without:

According to Krista Gibson, VP of Strategy “Pictures of desserts pop up on the screen midway through the main course, when people start to think about what they will eat next. Dessert sales increased almost 20% in tests….and coffee sales also rose when featured in a similar way. Chili’s is also considering promoting alcoholic beverages during meals…”

Guest are still greeted by a server upon arrival and the chains says they have no plans to cut labor. Roughly half of those with the machine opted to pay by swiping rather than wait for the check. Chili’s also claims that because the machines gives a suggested tip amount, low tippers are weeded out. Article Source

Since I don’t go out to eat at restaurants often, my knee jerk reaction is to dislike this trend. With my work, computer time is necessary. On a night out I’d much rather enjoy the company of the people I’m with. I do however appreciate the chance to pay the bill without having to wait for the bill.  Have you seen this at restaurants you’ve visited? What was your reaction?

2 comments on “Welcome to Chili’s: Please Look At the Screen

  1. The only “computerized” eaterys I have seen here in the eastern US is “deli” counters at gas-station convenience stores. There’s no need to talk to anyone. My feeling – How can I tell that I only want a “little” lettuce or mayo, not the usual over large amount? The personal touch has gone!

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