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Post-NFL Eating Habits – Pass Me the Salad

If you’ve had a stressful day it’s a natural instinct to eat something rich and unhealthy. Foods like candy immediately provide pleasure. According to a study from the INSEAD business school in France, the same holds true for when your favorite sports team loses a game.

Tracking NFL fans, they found that “Overall calorie consumption went up by 10 percent after losses….” In cities like Green Bay, people ate 28% more saturated fat. What’s surprising is that when that team was victorious, fans tended to eat healthier. After a win, respondents ate 5 to 10% less saturated fat. So while they’re not exactly eating salad, they are eating better.

I don’t associate watching sports with eating healthy in general. In fact, it’s often an excuse for me to indulge in unhealthy but tasty foods. Are you a sports fan? Does this match your behavior?

Source: NPR’s the Salt


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