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Cholar Dal Recipe Featured in Khabar Magazine!

I wanted to share a bit of good news. My cholar dal recipe (or really Ma’s recipe) was published in an Indian American magazine called Khabar. It’s festival season for Hindus so Khabar was looking for foods that evoke this time of year. I chose cholar dal because it’s not the type of dal you’ll find in a restaurant. More likely you’ll have it when invited to someone’s home.

One of the reasons to love it is that it’s creamy and uses coconut flakes. Who doesn’t like coconut? It reminds me of having lunch with family during Autumn. It’s usually eaten with lucchis (also known as pooris).

In the coming weeks I’ll be bringing you some Diwali and Durga Puja related recipes, so please stop by frequently if you like Indian Food. :>

Here is a link to the post in Khabar magazine.

Here is the original recipe posting in RoodonFood.


One comment on “Cholar Dal Recipe Featured in Khabar Magazine!

  1. […] on the whole wasn’t a bad year. My niece was born on January 24th. Also Alimentum Journal and Khabar Magazine were nice enough to publish pieces by me. Several notable people including Louisa Shafia, Vegan […]

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