Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

So tasty

So tasty

Pictured in the background are besan barfi (2 pieces, made with chickpea flour). On the left side foreground is a kalakand (made with ricotta cheese and condensed milk). Right side foreground is a ladoo (white flour based). The store worker said the kalakand is easily their #1 seller.

Cutest Box Ever

Cutest Box Ever

Bengalis are notorious for loving sweets and Durga Puja provides the perfect excuse. Mumbai Grill Sweet Shop is located at 3733 74th St, Jackson Heights, Queens is my go-to because it’s sort of a hole-in-the-wall.  It’s also conveniently located by Patel Brothers.

If you haven’t tried Indian sweets before, ask for kaju katli (kaju=cashew, katli=slice) because they’re rich like fudge but not as sweet. Have a cup of coffee or tea alongside is helpful for contrast too.


2 comments on “Durga Puja Sweets From Mumbai Grill

  1. My boyfriend is Bengali and we are going to be having a DP dinner party Monday night. Gonna be making sondesh and gulab jamun, with some other Bengali dishes. Can’t wait!

  2. I love sondesh and gulab jamun! That’s great that you’re making that food together. Do you go to Univ of Alabama in Huntsville or Birmingham? (I used to live near Huntsville)

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