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Food Superstitions

Every culture has food superstitions. When my parents were returning from India I requested a bottle of table mustard called kasundi. People use to believe that this type of mustard, along with boris (dried lentil dumplings) and achar (pickled relish) are bad luck for travel.  I had no idea I’d risked my parents lives for a condiment!

Check out this great list of superstitions via Huffington Post. I recognize three: tossing rice at a married couple, eating Hoppin John for good luck and salt over the shoulder. Many on this list will cause bad luck if not followed. Considering how often I’ve cut my noodles I’m doomed. In China you’re supposed to not cut your noodles because that will cut your life short.  Also do you have control over bread with holes?

If you cut open a loaf of bread and see a hole (a.k.a. a large air bubble), that means somebody will die soon. The hole in the bread represents a coffin (spooky!). You should also cut a cross into the top of your loaf before baking, otherwise the devil will sit on it and ruin your loaf. Now “hot cross buns” makes more sense.

Do you follow any superstitions? Do you recognize any on this list?

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