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A Good Cake Is Hard to Find (in Manhattan)

Leske's Bakery To the Rescue

Leske’s Bakery To the Rescue

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! All I see are cupcakes! An old friend of mine and his fiance flew up all the way from Tennesee to elope in New York. After 8 years it was wonderful to catch up and finally meet his better half. Yesterday we met up at the NY Marriage Bureau located on Worth and Centre.

After a brief wait, the Justice of the Peace delivered the vows with enviable panache. He emphasized “if there is anyone here who objects,” pausing to look around the room to a response of many giggles.  The newly married couple went off with the photographer for a few hours which gave my friend Amir and I ample time to find a cake. Finding a cake the day of is oddly difficult in Manhattan. Using Amir’s phone we came across many bakeries – from Crumbs, to Baked By Melissa, even Balthazar, none of which had cakes but cupcakes galore (and pastries). We were about to purchase a gigantic cupcake when J called and asked where we wanted to meet for dinner.

Amir suggested Park Slope. Back in Brooklyn We told the couple (J&J) that we’d meet them at Rice Thai an excellent restaurant located on 7th avenue between 8th and 9th. The fates helped by putting us on an express train. Leske’s had a beautiful strawberry shortcake available and the even wrote Congrats J&J for us. We arrived with enough time to pick up the cake, walk over to the restaurant and request  they store the cake in the fridge.

We ordered individually. I got the drunken noodles with chicken which was delicious with just a touch of heat. I love the way those flat noodles trap in the heat. The couple got Pad See Ew and Drunken Noodles. Amir checked out the Seafood special which had a nice tang. He and I texted secretly to decide when the best time was to get the cake. I went to the bathroom and requested the waiter bring out the cake. The cake was a hit and they had plenty to bring back to the hotel on their first day of wedded bliss.

Seafood Special

Seafood Special


Sorry officer. Just drunk on noodles. Heehee

Sorry officer. Just drunk on noodles. Heehee


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