Indian Cocktails: Rosewater Gin and Tonic

Rosewater Gin and Tonic Recipe

Rosewater Gin and Tonic Recipe

Happy Kali Pujo (and Diwali) all. The Goddess Kali is worshipped particularly in Bengal and Odisha India. In Hindu mythology she is one of the fiercest of the Gods, once nearly bringing about the the destruction of the world until Shiva decided to lay below to stop her.

Kali Pujo (puja means to worship) is intended to help you destroy ego and ways of the past in favor of the new. As appeasement she is often offered meat or gourds (if vegetarian) and even alcohol. In fact, during this week, liquor stores in West Bengal are staying open till 2am. While perhaps not pujo appropriate, below is an easy twist on the gin and tonic. The rosewater gives the drink a lovely aroma and fuller taste.

If you’re looking for Indian recipes for the festival check out this link, it includes Cholar Dal, Masoor Dal, Turnips, and Ma’s labra (a Bengali mixed vegetable dish).

Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 0
Servings: 2
12 oz tonic
2 shots gin of your choice
1 oz rosewater (can be found in South Asian or Middle Eastern groceries)
Ice to taste
2 slices lime (for garnish)

Mix everything together. Pour into glasses and enjoy.


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  1. I love your Bodum double walled glasses! 🙂

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