Non-Dairy EggNog: Silk Seasonal Nog Review

The age old question: Is non-dairy eggnog the devil’s work or just a savvy alternative? Silk’s entry into this growing category is dairy, egg and gluten free (the package doesn’t say GF but the website does here.) Those seem like insurmountable problems in theory so some skepticism is to be expected.

Silk  Seasonal Nog has a good balance of sweetness to egginess. Unlike some soy products, there isn’t a slightly bitter or chalky aftertaste. The color is a perfect off-white. On the front of the package it notes that it’s only 90 calories per (1/2 cup) serving indicating that they’re targeting calories-conscious folks. In fact, in both pouring and tasting this nog is much thinner than traditional. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but a matter of personal preference. Sprinkled with a little cinnamon on top and spiked with a touch of rum, it’s a great option if you want to partake but not feel heavy.

Verdict: While not an exact replica of regular eggnog, Silk Seasonal Nog will appeal to those who are looking for either a lighter tasting option or to those with dairy, egg, gluten allergies. 7.5/10.


3 comments on “Non-Dairy EggNog: Silk Seasonal Nog Review

  1. So delicious, where can I buy more of this. I cannot seem to find it

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