How to Eat Apples, Cores and All

You might say this piece will shake you to your core. (Sorry had to do it).

Most Americans don’t eat apple cores because of the slightly fibrous texture and seeds. Foodbeast though shows that if eaten from the bottom up, the texture difference is barely noticeable. See image below. By eating the core, the consumer gets more of the calories already paid for while being less wasteful. Note: Don’t eat the stem though.

If each of us eats an apple a day, as we all do, and we are all wasting 30 percent of our apples at $1.30 per pound, that’s about $42 wasted per person per year—which is $13.2 billion annually, thrown in the trash or fed to pigs.

Are you guilty of chucking your core? Have you tried to eat apples this way before?

Source: The Atlantic


2 comments on “How to Eat Apples, Cores and All

  1. Do you eat the stem and all then?

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