Gluten Free Testing: Dad Edition


Several months back, my father starting having regular stomach issues. He’d tried antibiotics and other medicines which made it worse. His long-time doctor suggested temporarily cutting gluten to see if it was the trigger. Understandably, Dad wasn’t too keen to impose dietary restrictions on himself.

The main grain they eat is rice which is already gluten free. Though his gastroenterologist apparently doesn’t know much about it telling Dad: “It’s good that you eat basmati rice. Other rice has gluten in it.” It was an honest mistake but it does make you question why a doctor who regularly deals with GI issues would make a basic mistake like this in advising a patient. It underscores the need to consult with a dietitian or nutritionist and to do your own research as well.

In response to the GF endeavor I picked up the items pictured at his local grocery store so he knows that there are affordable options, locally, that don’t leave you deprived. They eat sandwiches frequently so it was important to find a bread option. Daily tea time requires crackers so I picked up the GF Nabisco crackers. Admittedly it’s a random assortment of stuff but grocery stores often tuck away GF goods.

Here are links to past recipes/reviews of a few of these items:

Saifun Noodles with Tamari Ginger Sauce
Buckwheat Porridge with Cranberries
Cream of Rice Halwa
Mariquitos Plaintain Chips Review

Are you gluten free? How did you come to realize you had the allergy? What foods do you recommend checking out?


3 comments on “Gluten Free Testing: Dad Edition

  1. Oh man, I could eat a whole bag of those crispy peas in one sitting. Those are dangerous!

  2. […] routine, other times it’s out of necessity like when the doctor recommended my father go gluten free. While at a salad bar in Mexico I picked up several pieces of jicama for them to try. After a […]

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