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NASA Farming on the Moon

While regular consumers participate in CSAs or greenmarkets on boring old earth, NASA is considering growing vegetables on the moon. There has been talk for years about astronauts living on the moon. The first steps to make that happen is growing plants. Still in experimental stages, they are looking into turnips and basil among others.

A sealed container containing seeds will be aboard the Moon Express Lander. Upon lunar landing, reservoir of water goes through a nutrient rich filter onto the seeds, allowing for germination. It would support 5-10 days worth of growth without additional air supply.

Survival to 14 days demonstrates plants can sprout in the Moon’s radiation environment at 1/6 g. Survival to 60 days demonstrates that sexual reproduction (meiosis) can occur in a lunar environment. Survival to 180 days shows effects of radiation on dominant & recessive genetic traits. Afterwards, the experiment may run for months through multiple generations, increasing science return. Source: NASA.gov



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