PopCorners Memphis BBQ Flavor (5oz) Review

Popcorners Memphis BBQ

I’m already a fan of several PopCorners products including Kettle and Caramel. Memphis BBQ is one of four new flavors that are whole grain though not necessarily made of corn. Memphis BBQ is actually made from sorghum.

Clearly targeting geometry fans, these chips are hexagonal. Now I feel like a sucker for eating all those triangular and square chips over time. Memphis BBQ is sweet but doesn’t go overboard as most BBQ chips do. It tastes more substantial than corn based chips, and the sorghum gives a slight unexpected nuttiness. I could do with a touch more salt but otherwise these crunchies are fantastic. Note that the product is labeled as GMO free, gluten free and all natural. The next flavor I’ll check out is sweet cinnamon.


2 comments on “PopCorners Memphis BBQ Flavor (5oz) Review

  1. Have you tried any of the Food Should Taste Good chips? They are all gluten free and oh so amazing!

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