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Sweet Saturday: Melanie Bitter Elite 90% Dark Chocolate Review

Image Source: Desly

Image Source: Desly

Though understandable, this Bitter Elite 90% dark chocolate is not to be confused with Killer Elite, the 2011 action movie about elite operatives shooting and punching each other, like all the time.

The package of brown with raised gold print is eye catching. Probably most eye catching though is the 90% cocoa in this 100g bar. Put out by 85 year old Belarussian company, Spartak, it’s the darkest I’ve tried to date.

Dark chocolate is linked to lowering blood pressure and heart disease among other benefits. And because it is so bitter, you rarely want to eat more than one piece. That’s doubly true with Melanie Bitter Elite. One bite gives just enough creaminess and sweetness to balance out the high cocoa content. I strongly suggest having a cup of coffee on the side to balance out. After tasting such strong flavor it will be difficult to go down to lower percentages. I’d definitely buy this product again.


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