Oloves Olives Review

Disclosure: These samples were sent to me by the company for review:


Oloves is a UK based company specializing in, well, olives. Their products are available on airlines like Jetblue, Qatar airlines and many European carriers. I’m not normally a fan of olives, especially green ones so I was skeptical about trying this product. They sent three flavors to check out, Tasty Mediterrean, Hot Chili Mama and Lemony Lover.

The packs all feature 12+ olives, are low fat, vegan, gluten free and 50 calories each. All positive traits in a potential snack. To eliminate a potential mess most of the olive juice is removed.

Lemony Lover

Lemony lover had an unexpected brightness. I also really appreciated the bits of lemon. I could see these working very well as an hors d’oeuvre.

Tasty Mediterranean

Tasty Mediterranean

Tasty Mediterranean features basil and garlic. The garlic flavor blends nicely with the sourness of the olive. The basil component is more noticeable in the aroma. These paired great with a glass of merlot.

Hot Chili Mama

Hot Chili Mama

My favorite by far was the hot chili mama which features habanero pepper. It makes up less than 1% but packs a very pleasant punch. It worked well with cheese alongside which provided a cooling contrast.

I really enjoyed Oloves products and would definitely try them again as a healthy snack choice. They managed to remove all the olive juice thereby replaceming saltiness with flavors like lemon and chili. They’ll also appeal to healthy eaters as all the ingredients are recognizable.

Note: Since receiving the samples, the packaging and names have changed slightly.

Tasty Mediterranean is now simply Basil and Garlic. Hot Chili Mama is now Chili & Oregano. Lastly, Lemony Lover is now Lemon & Rosemary.

2 comments on “Oloves Olives Review

  1. Now there’s a decent snack to have on an air journey! No bloating either 😉

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