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Alice White Red Lexia Wine 2009 Review

Source: Best Buy Liquors

Alice White, based in South Eastern Australia makes good, affordable wines. Always eager to check out new (to me) combos, this Red Lexia was purchased at Bay River for $10.99.

1st Night:

It pours a purty shade of pinkish red. The aroma is pleasant, if a little sweet. It’s like a cross between zinfandel and a rose. On closer examination of the back label it actually indicates that it’s a moscato/rose combination. The finish is crisp and Red Lexia does have a slight effervescence which helps.

2nd Night:

After chilling in the fridge, the flavor is improved, somewhat. It has intense notes of peach and strawberry. Overall though, the sweetness overwhelmed me.

Verdict: I wasn’t a fan of Alice White Red Lexia. It will appeal to moscato fans, though not necessarily rose fans. Go in expecting something moderately sweet. This type of wine would work best on a hot summer night.



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