Little Aussie Bakery Gluten Free Sampler Review– Mailing Throughout the U.S

Little Aussie is a bakery based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded by two registered nurses, they offer a variety of baked goods from breads to sweets. And unlike many other bakeries, they mail to the 48 contiguous states.

I came to learn of these guys on the gluten free section of the community and news aggregator site, Reddit. Little Aussie offers a free(!) introductory gluten free (vegan, soy, corn, nut free) sampler box which includes several rolls, a small pizza crust, an energy bar and an ANZAC Oatmeal biscuit. The beauty is that you only pay shipping. Being highly perishable, it’s of the utmost importance to get this stuff soon.

Little Aussie Sample Box

Little Aussie Sample Box

The rolls include a dinner roll, cranberry, and flax roll. They all tasted quite good. They’re best when warmed up on the oven or toasted with butter. They had an excellent sourdough flavor along with a hint of coconut. I suggest trying them with soup.

Little Aussie Cranberry Roll

Little Aussie Cranberry Roll

Little Aussie Roll With Soup

Little Aussie Roll With Soup

The 8 inch pizza crust was primarily made from potato and rice flours. We made a marinara sauce and loaded it down with veggies. At 350 for about 10 minutes the crust came out a lovely brown on the bottom. Here was an actual crusty pizza pie! It had the body of a normal pizza with the crunch of a thin crust.

Little Aussie Pizza

Little Aussie Pizza

The only item I didn’t care for was the hunger buster bar because it had a strange aftertaste and was rock hard.

The ANZAC biscuit get its name from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps formed during WWI. The rumor is that they were created by wives for soldiers shipping off. Made with oats, coconut and no eggs – they could stored for long periods. The Little Aussie biscuit which is made with GF oats and coconut is similar to crumbly oatmeal digestives. It was a real treat to have after work with some black coffee.

Little Aussie ANZAC Biscuit

Little Aussie ANZAC Biscuit

Overall, the sampler from Little Aussie was great. I’ll definitely be trying more of their products in the future. The highlights from the sampler: Pizza crust, ANZAC Oatmeal biscuit.

6 comments on “Little Aussie Bakery Gluten Free Sampler Review– Mailing Throughout the U.S

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Since it’s vegan, I may give it a try!

  2. Thanks for reviewing. I was toying with the idea of checking this offer out!

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