Valentine’s Day Plans = Making a Nice Meal at Home

Whether you’re single or have a special someone, I hope you have a great Valentine’s day. Years ago, my honey and I stopped doing fancy dinners out in favor of cooking a nice meal together. We’ve had some hits (pasta in vodka sauce) and some misses (beet risotto) but experiencing it together is fun. Even if the meal doesn’t turn out as expected, there’s always dessert and wine.

This year we’re going to make a vegetarian biryani (I’ll post this recipe if successful, early next week), along with chocolate pots de crème from Clean Green Simple. What are your Valentine’s plans? Do you have certain food traditions or are you checking out a restaurant in your area?


4 comments on “Valentine’s Day Plans = Making a Nice Meal at Home

  1. I’m going to make a heart-shaped pizza and a special salad we like. We have a new puppy so we’re homebound this year.

  2. Cooking in ended up being better for us this year. We made an aphrodisiac feast. It was the best.

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