Meatout 2014: Take a Day Off From Meat

Today, March 20th is the international meatout, the annual day encouraging folks to skip animal protein for environmental, health and compassion reasons. I’m not a vegan but am vegetarian at least once a week. Spending significant periods of time with vegans has taught me that there really are many more food options that expected. Some of my favorite foods are easily made vegan such as Indian, Thai, and Mexican food. Below are a few recipes that are tasty, as well as vegan. Do you have recipes you want to share?

Rajmaa and Aloo

Red Cabbage Salad

Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Masoor Dal



2 comments on “Meatout 2014: Take a Day Off From Meat

  1. My meatless mondays became meatless everyday about a year ago and now I am almost entirely plant-based! I have many recipes/tips on my blog.

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