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Sweet Saturday (Easter Edition): Russell Stover Cookie Dough Egg

Source: Russell Stover

Forget Halloween! Easter is the best time for seasonal candy. From Cadbury eggs to candy bunnies galore, spring brings out creativity in candy makers. Russell Stover is particularly noteworthy for their unending variety of “egg” flavors. I’d credit frequent Cadbury Egg shortages for discovering them. Some of the most interesting flavors include raspberry marshmallow, red velvet cake, maple cream, birthday cake and new to me: Cookie Dough flavor.

The RS eggs are shaped like an egg with ridges on one side and flat on the other. On opening the package the milk chocolate hits your nose. Cookie dough sounded strange but after the first bite I was impressed. It does taste like cookie dough and even has that mix of beige and dark brown. These are probably my favorite among the RS eggs thus far though there is still some time for picking up new flavors.

What are your favorite Easter candies?

Russell Stover Cookie Dough

Russell Stover Cookie Dough

One comment on “Sweet Saturday (Easter Edition): Russell Stover Cookie Dough Egg

  1. […] solely subsist on candy on Easter Sunday. While it sounds like a strange decision to not be eating confectionery eggs, I’ll be […]

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