Chia Pods Blueberry Flavor Review

Blueberry Chia Pod

Blueberry Chia Pod

Chia products are popping up faster than Russian troops on a Ukranian border. With protein, fiber, omega 3s and minerals it’s not strange to see why. Scanning my local grocery store for shiny orange “special” stickers I spotted Chia Pods in the yogurt case. I was excited because the package is very sexy and even included a spoon.The blueberry flavor only contains a few ingredients including blueberries, coconut milk and chia seeds making the product vegan. (A good rule of thumb is that anything with coconut milk tastes good).

Blueberry Chia Pod

Blueberry Chia Pod

The product is a deep purple color. When prodded, it moved in mass. This revelation made it seem both freaky and futuristic. Grabbing a taste using the spoon provided it was reminscent of an unsweetened jelly. I liked the slight crunch from the blueberry and chia seeds. You can make out the aroma of coconut milk too. Collectively though, it was a strange snack. I hate to say it, but if there was just a touch of added sugar, the Chia Pod would be much more palatble. Given that full price for chia pods is $4+$5 each I wouldn’t get this product again. I would be more forgiving if this snack came from the future but sadly it’s just from the present.

Blueberry Chia Pod

Blueberry Chia Pod


2 comments on “Chia Pods Blueberry Flavor Review

  1. I always imagined that if I ate something with chia sauce on it, my tongue would grow hair.

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