Eating with Your Hands

At our home I was often the one to set the dinner table. Unless it was non-Indian this meant plates for my parents but plates and spoons for my brother and I. Ma and Baba like many South Asians eat without silverware. Skilled hand-eaters like them are able to quickly mix rice with lentils or torkari into small bite size scoops using finger tips. This method is repeated until a member of the clean plate club. When done well it’s efficient and takes the same amount of time as using a spoon. In the hands of a novice it can be messier given the rice and sauce heavy nature of Bengali cuisine.

My parents perhaps fearing funny looks from patrons or their own children never extended hand eating outside our or fellow Indian  homes. For them it’s a tradition and according to WNYC’s Arun Venugopal, eating with your hands “makes food taste better.” Americans are no strangers to hand-held foods with tacos, pizza and messiest of all hot sings coming to mind. Have you ever tried to eat Indian or other foods with your hands? What was your experience?

6 comments on “Eating with Your Hands

  1. I have tried Ethiopian food, where they use their pancake like bread, Injira, to pick up the food. I loved it, but half way through the meal I also asked for a fork… Old habits die hard… 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Vanilla Bean Kpop and commented:
    It’s true, food actually tastes better when eating it with your hands. I only eat with my hands at home, close relatives and (Indian)friends. The only time I eat with my hands in public is at the temple.

    • I’ll have to give it another try since I’m hearing how much better it is. Thanks for the comment. Your secret of hand eating is safe with me haha. Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the re-blog! Cheers.

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