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Walmart Introducing Organic Foods Via the Wild Oats Label

Mega retailer Walmart says it plans to sell organic foods in its stores under the Wild Oats label for as much as 25% cheaper than other organic brands. The largest grocer in the country will initially only sell pantry items such as tomato paste and chicken brother before branching out into produce.

“We’re removing the premium associated with organic groceries,” said Jack L. Sinclair, executive vice president of Walmart U.S.’s grocery division. The Wild Oats organic products will be priced the same as similar nonorganic brand-name goods.

In 2012, the organic market was worth over $29 billion in the U.S compared with $8 billion ten years prior. Many are skeptical given the inconsistent definitions of organic. Long term, Walmart’s move to sell organic goods could bring down prices overall. Source: New York Times

What are your thoughts on this move? Is it good for consumers? Will it help or hurt smaller organic companies? What products if any do you buy organic regularly?


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