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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Vegan Frosting via Food.com

So delicious

So delicious

It was my boo’s birthday recently which meant finding the best cake recipe was of the utmost importance. Perhaps a sign of the times, googling “gluten free chocolate cake” yields over 25 million results. With that wealth of options it’s hard to choose. To narrow it down we considered lowest number of ingredients to buy, fewest number of eggs (since we planned to veganize anyways) and of course an appetizing picture.

We ended up choosing this gluten free chocolate cake recipe from Food.com by a user named Queen Bead. The only change was to replace the egg with flax meal. An unexpected benefit of veganizing is that there is no fear of salmonella poisoning. Translation: You’re free to munch on batter as you go! And what a tasty batter it is.

Using a springform pan, the final product got that perfect Devil’s food cake/devildog flavor. It retained its moisture over 4 days which is always a concern for eggless cake. For the frosting we found a very simple coconut oil based, vegan recipe at Instructables. To top it off, we added sprinkles galore. Do you have a go to birthday cake recipe you’d like to share?




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