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Roshen: Chocolate’s Influence on the Ukranian Election

Roshen Berry

Roshen Berry

Politics aren’t the first thing that come to mind with sweets but in Ukraine, they played a central role. The President-to-be, Petro Poroshenko made much of his fortune (read: Billions) through Roshen chocolate. (The name comes from his last name “Poroshenko. Nicknamed “the Chocolate King” he’s known for centrist, Pro-European views. Welcome to Realmilkchocolatepolitik!

photo 3

photo 1

Taste Test

While the vote is  important, the true way to determine his President worthiness is clearly a taste test. I picked up two “dessert fresh” chocolates (apple and mixed berry) from Nature’s Delights. This line features three layers: the biscuit, marzipan and the fruit jelly. The biscuit gives a modest crunch. The fruit jelly reminds me of a less dense version of Turkish delight. The berry tasted genuinely fruity whereas the apple seemed a little fake. The chocolate is thin and creamy. I’d definitely get the berry flavor again, though not the apple. Both flavors went great with black coffee. Just as you don’t agree with every opinion of a politician, the I disagree with Poroshenko’s decision to have apple flavored chocolate. Still I appreciate his willingness to go out on a limb. And if the the berry chocolate’s tastiness is any indication, Petro Poroshenko will have a successful leadership role in the Ukraine. You have my blessing.

You're quite welcome.

You’re quite welcome.



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