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Review: Hi, I’m Skinny Sweet Potato Sticks (7oz)

Usually I don’t care for brands with skinny in the title. I made an exception for “Hi I’m Skinny” (HIS) because they’re sweet potato flavor and it doesn’t have any of the aforementioned imagery.  Also, it was on sale at the local Rite Aid for $2.50.  Calories conscious folks will be happy to read that it’s 30% less fat than regular potato chips along with no cholesterol. Also on the positive side, each serving is 34 sticks and 4g of fat.

Have you ever tried those cinnamon twists at Taco Bell? HIS tastes is like a healthier, non-oily version of those. They have a slight sweetness from the dusting of cinammon and cane juice. Despite being the 3rd ingredient, the sweet potato smell and taste comes through. (The first two ingredients are corn and rice flour). The 1.5 inch crunchies have a medium crunch and are refreshingly light. The product is made by Cornfields, Inc the inventors of the popcorn machine. And despite their name, Cornfields, inc isn’t in Nebraska or Iowa but rather Illinois.

I enjoyed the product and would definitely get them again. Here is a store locator.



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