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RoodonFood Reviews Beer: Zhiguli Barnoe (Product of Russia, 4.9%)

Zhiguli Barnoe is named after a famous Moscow beer garden/cafeteria started in the 60s. Brewed by Moscow Brewing Company (founded 2008) this lager is 4.9% ABV. It pours a light head and is a pale yellow. After resting in the glass for a moment some floral and sweet notes hit the nose. The taste is mildly hoppy with a tinge of skunkiness. With each sip it did get a little better but that might’ve just been the alcohol talking.

In contrast to many other reviews of the beers, I can use a touch more sweetness. The beer was $1.99 in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn at Taste of Russia. I’d get this beer again, if only to give it a fairer shake when it’s a little bit fresher.

Full disclosure: The Zhiguli Barnoe took up residence in my fridge for a few months before consumption.


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