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Beer Reviews: Khajuraho Lite (Product of India, Lilasons, 4.5% ABV)

khajKhajuraho Lite is India’s first lite beer according to the bottle which seems surprising given how popular beer is on the Subcontinent . Coming from 40 year old brewery Lilasons, the beer is named after UNESCO world heritage Hindu and Jain temples dating back to 950. Perhaps the brewers got so exhausted from touring the grounds that they wanted nothing more than a cold beer and thus created the product?

The smell evokes awesome sweet breads like King’s Hawaiian. It pours a light amber color. The head is minimal and disappears quickly. This beer like most lite beers is more functional than flavorful. The initial taste is slightly harsh, sort of like a mainstream American pilsner or like a Bud Light/Coors Light. The finish lingers like that annoying guy who keeps talking to you about his family drama in the corner. I would not get this again though I would be interested in trying their non-light beers such as regular Kangaroo. Have you tried this beverage? What did you think?

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