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Sweet Sunday: Violet Crumble Review (Product of Australia)

Violet Crumble

Honeycomb combined with chocolate? Now that is an interesting combination. We were introduced to the Aussie candy Violet Crumble by my girlfriend’s sister who did a semester in Sydney some years back. Fast forward to today, where we discovered that they’re available at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

As indicated by the name and motto on the side “it’s the way it shatters that matters,” the Violet Crumble is a bit delicate. Since it was given as a Christmas stocking stuffer, my girlfriend took care to keep it aside during her shopping run. After opening it I placed it carefully on the mantle out of harms way. Finally, yesterday when I decided to open it, I managed to knock it to the floor. Thankfully, it just broke in half rather than a thousand pieces.

Now a bit of warning for first-time eaters: The first bite is a little funny. It’s hard at first but suddenly the honey comb melts peacefully into your mouth (though a little does stick to the teeth like toffee). The coating (59%) is a thin layer of milk chocolate which gives a nice contrast to the sweetness of the honey comb. It’s both one of the richest and lightest tasting candies you’ll have. There isn’t anything I know of like it on the American market though apparently the British Cadbury Crunchie bar is similar. We got the Violet Crumble from Bed, Bath and Beyond but if you have an Australia pie shop near you, it can probably be bought there as well. These bars are delicious and great for a once a year treat.


One comment on “Sweet Sunday: Violet Crumble Review (Product of Australia)

  1. I always see these at the Cost Plus World Markets. Never tried one before but now I think I need to!

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