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Pineapple Miso Cilantro Sauce Via Vegetarian Times

Tofu with Cilantro Miso SaucePost Superbowl (congrats Patriots), we happened to have leftover pineapple (from pizza) and cilantro (from nachos). After a bit of googling I came across this Vegetarian Times “sambal” which means sauce in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries.

We didn’t modify much from the original recipe except the amounts. I love how the miso thickens it and brings a  subtle umami. It’s super easy – everything just goes in the blender and voila! Instead of using it as a salad dressing as suggested, we used it as a sauce on tofu. The result is sweet and tangy and would work quite well with meat too. The next time, we’ll probably use it as a marinade initially. Do you have any favorite tofu recipes?


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