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RoodonFood Reviews: Sacred Chow Vegan/Kosher/Gluten Free (Greenwich Village, New York City)

Sacred Chow in the Greenwich Village serves up some of the best vegan food in the New York. It says a lot that as a meat eater I crave their food. In business since 1995, we learned of this spot via Groupon two years ago. The restaurant features sandwiches, many Asian inspired entrees, and a wide variety of tapas. Everything is kosher and organic and the menu goes the extent of labeling gluten free, no soy or sugar free when applicable. It sits probably around twenty people. Arriving at 2pm there were only six other patrons. Aside from the occasional customer prattling on about wanting to make “yoga soaps” to her friend, it’s a quiet, mellow place.


For the appetizer we got the root vegetable latkes ($8). Three to an order, they’re served in the form of waffles. Bits of shredded carrot are visible. The mix is so well done that it’s difficult to pick out what’s inside. It’s served with a creamy coconut-based sour cream. Unlike regular latkes, these aren’t greasy but very wholesome tasting.

The entrees were a no-brainer. The tempeh reubens are amazing. Available on a roll or gluten free tortilla, they’re stacked with delicious tender tempeh, sauerkraut and house-made ginger-y Russian dressing. This is a great option for someone interested in eating vegan/vegetarian.



Finally, for dessert we ordered the cinnamon cheesecake with raspberry sauce ($8). Since it’s not made of actual cheese but rather soy, it has the benefit of being light tasting. It was perfect to split between two people. This was another great visit to Sacred Chow. I highly recommend this place.



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