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Faked Cold Press Juices by Jimmy Kimmel

Every now and again, Jimmy Kimmel has a very clever bit. This one happens to be food related. Cold pressed juices are very trendy right now. These pre-packaged juice drinks range from $6-$20 a bottle and contain up to 2 pounds of vegetables. They use powerful food processors to extract as many nutrients as possible.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to poke a little fun of them at the L.A farmers market. They came up with four concoctions from foodstuff that is anything but natural. One was fun dip with water (Soul), Tang and water (Cure), Skittles with water (Rainbow), Creamsicle Ice Creams (Detox). The reactions are priceless. I must admit, I’d probably be fooled too if some one told me about these natural drinks. (Thought Skittles might not have fooled me)


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