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Bob’s Donuts, San Francisco, CA

I’d be remiss to not get this up on national donut day. San Francisco is a donut crazy town. Perhaps the best indicator that they’re a cultural touchstone are the donut magnets available at every gift shop. On our tourist itinerary was a stop at Bob’s Donut Shop, a 24 hour spot. We stopped by at around 10am to a small line. The blogs suggested getting there early to avoid an apple fritter sellout.

The donuts are for the most part placed in the window. (Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you. There is a human head sized donut).

One of these is not like the others

The inside is spare with a couple of 2 tops are and handful of stools. Usually these bare bones establishments are the best places in my experience. I got a cruller, maple glazed and an apple fritter. The cruller actually tasted oily. The maple glazed which I saved for a trip to the park was delicious, even if it did get squished. I don’t have many fritters to compare them with but this one was fresh with a slight crisp to it. Well worth the 2 minute wait.

Bob’s makes tasty, traditional donuts. The next time I’m in the Bay Area, I’ll try to stop by as recommended, when the donuts are still warm.


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One comment on “Bob’s Donuts, San Francisco, CA

  1. ah! this brought back a nice memory for me. I got a kick out of their huge donut.

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