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RoodonFood Tries Tropiway FuFu

fufuboxFufu is a type of dumpling eaten with soups and stews in West Africa. It can be made from cassava, plantain, potato and yam.

From scratch, the vegetables are boiled, drained and then pounded down, with water slowly added in to create a sticky, paste like consistency. It’s then formed into balls or “dumplings”. You then pull off little bits and dunk into stew.

At Honest Star Tropical Food an African grocery in Atlanta, I spotted instant fufu from Tropiway for $3.99. The instructions sounded simple enough but as happens on occasion, a mixture of forgetfulness and fear set in and the box lay dormant for a full year. But after trying out the restaurant Restaurant Abidjan recently I was inspired to give it a go.


This Tropiway ($3.99) version uses a mix of plantain and dehydrated mashed potatoes. Following the instructions, I added the fufu to warm water and mixed. It was very pasty and easily formed into little balls as pictured on the box. The color was an off-white. It tastes…..exactly like mashed potatoes with plantain mixed in. This was a big contrast from the sticky, mochi like texture of what I tried at Abidjan. It went well with stew but did more or less dissolve when added to the bowl. (From pictures, non-instant fufu seems to hold it shape even when immersed in a liquid).


Overall, I enjoyed the flavor quite a bit. It’s nice to have a carb option that isn’t a typical western staple like bread or rice. It’s naturally gluten free as well. Have you tried fufu? Did you have a similar experience? Was it instant or homemade?

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