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It’s It Ice Cream: the San Francisco Treat

20150515_114904When visiting a new town it’s fun to sample their signature foods. In San Francisco, sour dough bread, seafood and donuts are but a few. I was surprised to read in Eater and other blogs that one noteworthy food is available at the corner store. It’s It are a San Francisco tradition dating back to 1928. They do delicious takes on the humble ice cream sandwich. Their original is an ice cream sandwich made of 2 oatmeal cookies, vanilla ice cream in the middle and dipped in chocolate. Other flavors include chocolate, cappuccino and the one pictured, mint. At only $2, it was a great deal. The mint ice cream was refreshing and I love how the oatmeal cookies retain their softness.

Unfortunately, the ice cream isn’t available outside of California and surrounding states (though for $50 shipping or so, you can get it over nighted to you). Have you tried this tasty treat?



One comment on “It’s It Ice Cream: the San Francisco Treat

  1. […] San Francisco which was my first time on the west coast. Though there are many, many food options It’s It and Eddie’s Cafe were personal favorites. Last month, I started a new job as well which […]

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