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RoodonFood Reviews: Eddie’s Cafe, San Francisco Diner

Eddie's Cafe

During a recent trip to San Francisco we discovered the hole in the wall diner known as Eddie’s Cafe in Lower Haight where we were staying. It seemed to be full of locals – No people with hastily bought San Francisco hoodies or maps here. With only around 10 tables, it’s a small place. Behind the counter, the shelves are full of mugs, presumably for regulars.

Arguably, it was my best meal during the trip. The menu features breakfast standards as well as soul food (though I arrived a little too early to check out staples like collard greens). Refreshingly, they offered biscuits or grits with most breakfast items. The biscuits are made in house. They’re not buttermilk as one might expect in a southern joint but they’re tasty. See below. They’re mini and look a bit like dinner rolls, only sweeter – not unlike King’s Hawaiian. I also got scrambled eggs and sausage. I love that the hash browns are scattered style. This is a great option if you’re in the neighborhood. Also, the coffee is tasty too.

Eddie’s Cafe
800 Divisadero St @ Fulton
M-Sat: 8-4pm
Sun: 9-4pm
(415) 563-9780


Eddie's Inside

Eddie’s Inside

One comment on “RoodonFood Reviews: Eddie’s Cafe, San Francisco Diner

  1. […] was my first time on the west coast. Though there are many, many food options It’s It and Eddie’s Cafe were personal favorites. Last month, I started a new job as well which allowed me to visit Chicago […]

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