Cold Brew Coffee: Now At Home

Coffee Sock

Coffee Sock

Cold brew coffee is being sold by every man, woman and child here in the U.S. Talk about job creator! For those unfamiliar, the drink is made by steeping coffee in cold water over a long period of time. Iced coffee on the other hand is hot coffee which is chilled and has ice added.

Cold brew is considered tastier by many because not heating makes it less acidic and draws out more sweet notes. Because the exposure time is longer than conventional drip, it’s stronger coffee. The lessened acidity also means, it’s less likely to bother your stomach. Also, it’s way cheaper than buying coffees out for $2-$5 each.

We were gifted this Coffee Sock Cold Brew kit and we’re making good use of here during the summer. It’s a pretty simple setup. There is a mason jason and a filter. You fill the water to the desired level. Next, you scoop coffee into the filter. Twist the top of the filter and submerge the body into the water. Close the lid so the ring on the end sticks out. For best results you’ll want to wait 6-10 hours.

Coffee Filter

Coffee Filter

When Tom Petty sang “The waiting is the hardest part” in their 1981 single he clearly was referring to cold brew coffee. He’s so right.

The Coffee Sock Cold brew kit sells in quart and half-gallon sizes. Prices range from $12.50-$19.99 plus shipping.


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