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Happy New Year: 2016

Happy New Year, all. It was a year with several food and life highlights. I got to visit San Francisco which was my first time on the west coast. Though there are many, many food options It’s It and Eddie’s Cafe were personal favorites. Last month, I started a new job as well which allowed me to visit Chicago (more on that in a future post).

The Bean

The Bean

My favorites recipes for this year were the Georgian red bean dip known as lobio and the Indian spiced potato snack, Pav Bhaji.

Here in 2016 I’d like to try to make more dishes from Latin and South America which so far on the blog is unexplored. Additionally, I’d love to learn more stews from around the world. What foods do you plan to check out this year?



One comment on “Happy New Year: 2016

  1. My only “plan” is to cook whatever I’ll find interesting… šŸ™‚

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